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From our history

The founder of  tha first dental clinic Sangre azul is doc. MUDr. Andrej Thurzo, PhD., MPH, MHA. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava. He received an attestation in the field of dentistry in 2009, and another one in the field of maxillofacial orthopedics

in 2012. Since the beginning of his clinical practice, he has specialized in invisible tooth balancing techniques, which he was the first doctor who brought it to Slovakia. He completed several internships not only in Slovakia but also abroad, for example in the USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan, China and the Czech Republic. He performed and also trained the techniques of invisible lingual fixed devices (Incognito, eBrace) as well as the techniques of translucent equalizers (Invisalign, OrthoCaps) at several workplaces. He strated his own clinic Sangre azul at Antolská 4 in Bratislava In 2015, and  he has been operating at Dvořákovo nábrežie 4 in River Park since 2020. Sangre azul's work has brought a number of innovations to Slovak clinical practice, which we take for granted today, such as replacing tooth impressions with routine scanning - 3D facial scans and 3D cephalometric analysis - Digital Smile Orthodontic case design - individualized 3D printing PowerArms and PowerCaps - orthognathic operations for Invisalign patients - Invisalign for teenagers or Dental Monitoring.

Doc. Thurzo is also a university teacher at Faculty of Medicine in Comenius University in Bratislava and also an expert in the field of dentistry and maxillofacial orthopedics.

2006 Since
12000 Clinical visits
123 Publications
Our achievements

From 2020 it includes Acceleration + Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence + our Smart app StrojCHECK we made for you


In 2019, we exceeded 1,000 patients treated with Invisalign at the highest skill level: DIAMOND


We were the first in SR to use Invisalign for teenagers, we started the routine scanning of teeth and started most vivera patients

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